Larger than Life: Julia Blaukopf’s Custom Photographic Wall Decor
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Julia Blaukopf is not afraid to think big, particularly when it comes to her photographs. She’s also not afraid of blurring the lines between fine art and commercial enterprise. Equal parts photographer, designer, visual artist, and entrepreneur, Julia is the founder of Fotografica—an arts-products venture with the goal of re-envisioning options for photography and photo-based products. Top shot © Julia Blaukopf In this week’s podcast, Julia leads us along her inspiring path—from her early days working with alternative processes and forging relationships with crafts people to her latest collaborations with architects, designers, and developers in the creation of architectural-scale commissions and custom photo-based installations. When collaborating with professional partners and clients on huge projects, psychology is key, which we discuss in detail. Blaukopf also describes the critical importance of seeking out the best printers and installers. Besides a command over technical details such as sound absorption, color fading, and bubbling, she sheds light on lesser-known yet equally essential construction issues such as fire codes. In addition to Blaukopf’s commercial work, she is also a documentarian with a passion for women’s empowerment and social justice. Towards the end of our chat she describes her work in that realm, offering insights about connecting with non-profits, and sharing stories through photography that have the ability to galvanize change. Guest: Julia Blaukopf For more information on our guest and the gear she uses, see: Stay Connected: Julia Blaukopf’s Website: Fotografica Website: Julia Blaukopf’s Instagram: Fotographica’s Instagram: Julia Blaukopf’s Twitter: Julia Blaukopf’s Facebook: North Bar Wall Covering: Julia’s book The Rain Parade:
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