Breaking Boundaries with Claude Harmon III
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Welcome back to another captivating episode of the Breaking Boundaries podcast! Today, we're thrilled to have Claude Harmon III joining us. With a rich background steeped in golfing tradition, Claude shares invaluable insights gained from growing up in a golfing family and his experiences working alongside players like Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka from a young age. Throughout the episode, Claude regales us with fascinating stories and imparts some of the most crucial lessons he's learned from observing his father, the esteemed Claude Harmon. From the nuances of the game to the intricacies of mentoring, Claude offers a treasure trove of wisdom. Prepare to be enlightened and inspired as Claude delves into how his upbringing and experiences on the tour have influenced his mentoring approach. This promises to be an exceptionally insightful and rewarding episode that you won't want to miss. Let's dive in and glean from the wealth of knowledge Claude has to offer! Episode Highlights and Keywords  ·       Golf strategy ·       Golfing family ·       Golf mentorship ·       Claude Harmon III ·       Golf coaching insights ·       Tour experience ·       Golfing legends ·       Dustin Johnson ·       Brooks Koepka ·       Golfing traditions ·       Breaking Boundaries podcast ·       Mental game strategies for golfers ·       Lessons from golfing legends ·       Mentorship in golf ·       Behind-the-scenes stories from PGA Tour players ·       Golfing family legacies ·       Junior golf development programs ·       The influence of family on golfing careers ·       Podcast interviews with industry insiders ·       Personal development and growth through golf ·       Golfing anecdotes and life lessons More about Claude Harmon III Instagram @ClaudeHarmonIII Did you enjoy today’s episode? Please subscribe and leave a review. If you have questions, comments, or possible show topics, message Breaking Boundaries Pod on Instagram (breaking_boundaries.pod).  Visit the Breaking Boundaries Podcast Breaking Boundaries Webpage Breaking Boundaries Podcast Page Connect with us Alex Clapp | Simon Dyson  Instagram @ alexclappgolf               @ simondysongolf Website YouTube  Alex Clapp Golf         Simon Dyson Golf Lesson booking links ·        Alex Clapp  alexclappgolf        Online Golf Lessons Clippd                           For Offers and packages email [email protected]   07860 350569 ·        Simon Dyson    simondysonacademy For Offers and packages email [email protected]   07595465043 Credits Music by TimTaj:
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