Frankie Bridge
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This week on Castaway, Laura chats to podcaster, bestselling author of 'Open', member of The Saturdays and presenter, Frankie Bridge. Frankie chats about her TikTok sessions with husband Wayne during this time at home, as well as how she, like the rest of us, can find herself negatively comparing herself to others on social media. Laura and Frankie also speak about how Frankie's band mate Mollie was her first guest on her own podcast 'Open Mind' and how Mollie has been a massive support to Frankie when she had mental health struggles on tour. With some brilliant recommendations of 'Teenage Mixtape' with Joel Dommett and Steve Dunne, and Giovanna Fletcher's 'Happy Mum Happy Baby' podcast, this is a refreshingly open conversation between two friends. Podcasts in this episode include: Serial Open Mind Happy Mum Happy Baby Teenage Mixtape Is It Just Me? Ctrl Alt Delete
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