Ganesh Chaturti in a meaningful way
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Hello its Vaishali Kelkar again from think mindful. It’s finally time for Ganpati bappa to visit us at home. ‘Lord Ganesha’ is one of the most loved gods from Hindu mythology and an integral part of our lives. Do you know how Ganpati bappa first came to all our homes and then become a grand part of celebration? We answer some of these tiny questions and many more……. In this episode we have included the stories of lord Ganesha from various scriptures, teaching us various values. As lord Ganesha is an excellent teacher, god of beginning and the destroyer of evil. You might learn to look at these stories in a different perspective How important ones duty is The position of parents in our lives How forgiveness is a virtue of the strong ….and many more Some amazing stories that you might know but giving a different perspective to it will surely make you think differently. The video is to thank: Editing: Raviraj Shirodkar Music credits:
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