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We chat with Bridgeen McLoone, whose 20-year career spans diverse experiences. As a Finance Manager at Atlantic Dawn Group, Bridgeen’s expertise covers technical account management, project management and business development. With a diverse background spanning various sectors — from manufacturing and health, to architecture, retail, hospitality and now the seafood industry — Bridgeen brings a wealth of knowledge and perspective to the table. Throughout our chat, you’ll hear actionable insights into adapting financial expertise across industries, balancing multiple responsibilities, and overcoming career challenges. Tune in now to be inspired by Bridgeen’s career journey. From leadership insights to study hacks and pure motivation — tune in and unlock your CGMA potential at myfuture.cimaglobal.com Members, don't forget we have career enhancing courses, blogs, webcasts and more, empowering you to remain individually competitive within accounting, finance and business so have a look around aicpa-cima.com Check out hub.cimaglobal.com for exclusive study resources, expert tips, and exam preparation materials. If you can take 2 mins to fill out a survey we'd love your feedback. RESOURCES Check out hub.cimaglobal.com for exclusive study resources, expert tips, and exam preparation materials. Visit aicpa-cima.com to uncover your possibilities. CONNECTIONS UK-based podcast host Tania Maggiolo  
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