Lux | Elizabeth Cook
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WARNING: Graphic descriptions King David sings his psalms. A world away, King Henry plots. And courtier Thomas Wyatt sees them both, his beloved falcon Lukkes on his arm. David wants Bathsheba. Henry too must have what he wants. He wants Ann, a divorce, a son. He looks up at his tapestry of David and sees a mighty predecessor who defended his faith and took what he liked. But he leaves it to others to count the costs. Among those counting is the poet Wyatt, who sees a different David, a man who repented before God, in song as in life. This is the version of the biblical king which Wyatt must give voice to as he translates David's psalms. As David pursues Bathsheba, Henry courts Ann, and Wyatt interweaves the past and present. Lux is a story of love and its reach, fidelity and faith, power and its abuses.   Buy from Amazon Buy from iTunes   Published by Scribe   About Elizabeth Cook Elizabeth Cook is an award-winning author, poet, librettist, and scholar. Born in Gibraltar, she spent her childhood in Nigeria and Dorset. She has been the British Academy Chatterton Lecturer and a Hawthornden Fellow, and has written for publications including the London Review of Books.   Chapter One Facebook Group   Chapter One is hosted by Nelly Thomas and produced by Nearly Media. Contact the show -   Copyright information The first chapter of each book has been reproduced with the expressed permission of the published with full knowledge that the audio file can be downloaded and played globally. If you believe there has been a copyright infringement please contact Nearly Media immediately. We will act immediately to resolve it. Nearly Media © 2019
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