The Dixie Show (with help from Alexa)
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Dixie is in the studio alone (at first) to talk about her YouTube show, her new music, the anniversary weekend she spent with Noah and a secret BIG project coming up soon. Then, Alexa joins her to chat about all the exciting stuff going on - including Dixie's self-diagnosis and her need for off-road adventure. Listen and Learn. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Today Charlie shares all the behind the scenes details of her birthday - including special surprises, gifts she got from her Mom and why she chose to stay off of her phone. She teases an exciting new project that will be dropping shortly, how she chooses what she wants to work on AND shares how...
Published 05/06/21
Charli shares her experience in the ring at the Triller fight and why she wouldn't want to actually box with any of her friends. Plus, what Charli really wants for her 17th birthday, the America's Sweetheart video shoot, and how she navigates her long-distance friendship with Gemma. Learn more...
Published 04/29/21
Dixie has Noah back in studio to grill him about choosing another girl (before Dixie) to start a new Hype House. The two also answer more fan questions, including: Do they get jealous, Does Dixie regret kissing Noah first, what's their least favorite thing about each other and more. Plus they...
Published 04/22/21