The Best Operating System for Elite Performance: Our Minds
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Experiencing the noticeable communication differences between his childhood culture and his new home in the U.S., William Lam was driven to become aware of how his limiting thoughts imprinted from his family drove unhealthy unconscious actions. Learning how to shape his mental thought process played key roles in fulfilling big desires and creating a richer life. Hear how our minds are like operating systems to which we can influence for better or worse. We’re just scratching the surface in this episode, but it’s enough to get us to reconsider our thoughts and behaviors from a fresh perspective.   About William Lam: William is an expert in strategic mental and micro behavioral programming and founded UPGRD. He provides support to elite investors, traders, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals, assisting them in visualizing and organizing the data and functionalities of the human mind which can lead to improved mental efficiencies and optimal performance. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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