Chilling True Tales - Ep 23 - Incredible close encounters TOO close for comfort
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When UFO’s in the form of strange bright objects move across the sky and then suddenly disappear, is it we that are watching THEM, or they watching US? YOU will have to decide, because sometimes the close encounters are a little TOO close for comfort *If you like my work, buy me a coffee!* *Contact Us* [email protected] *Music* “The Talk” - Jason Shaw music by Audionautix - *Sound Effects* “DogGrowl3.wav” by TobiasKosmos of - “science_fiction_ufo_hover.mp3” Sound effects obtained from “Scanning sound” by ProjectsU012 of - Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
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Do weird and creepy things happen just because they are fantastic coincidences, or is there some way of knowing that we haven’t tapped into yet? Maybe you can decide for yourself once you hear these true stories If you like my work, buy me a coffee!
Published 09/02/21
Sometimes paranormal visitors appear to us as twisted manifestations of the people we love most dearly, Surely it’s just a sinister trick because our loved ones would never do these terrifying things to us If you like my work, buy me a coffee!
Published 07/22/21
Little known omens that warned the Aztecs that their end was near… These creepy terrible signs in the sky, strange creatures and chilling omens are all true. They get creepier and creepier... *Contact Us* [email protected] *If you'd like to support the channel buy me a...
Published 06/24/21