Dog Days Are Over
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Clan fans we are back and we unpack EVERYTHING we heard at the Clan Gathering:Mgmt team roles & dynamic šŸ§First impressions of Corey šŸ˜Accountability for last season & lessons learned šŸ™„Mon the Clan!
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Published 06/04/24
Clan fans we are back with our first episode of the off season and we get into it ALL:New signings - Goalie secured and brit pack shored upChallenge Cup format - all about the money?News from around the league - managerial merry go roundMon the Clan!!
Published 05/14/24
Clan fans it's the emergency fan reaction episode! Morgan departure reactionNeilson is in - assessment of his credentialsExpectation setting - low bar or too low?Mon the Clan!
Published 04/16/24