Tech Life: Is AI racing ahead too fast?
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As Google's boss, Sunder Pichai, says he doesn't fully understand its AI products, tech investor Ian Hogarth tells us it's time for a public debate on the technology's future. Reporter Michael Kaloki joins us from Nairobi to explain how the legal battle between Facebook and its Kenyan moderators is intensifying. Alasdair Keane meets the amateur composer crafting the sound of all human knowledge for Wikipedia. And our Click colleague Lara Lewington tells us about the tech entrepreneur devoting his time - and money - to finding ways to extend healthy human life. Subscribe or follow Tech Life wherever you get your podcasts to receive future editions.
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Published 05/05/23
Published 05/05/23
Tech Life looks into the world of Kidfluencers, and asks if too much of children's lives are shared online to make money - we speak to those involved in the industry in India. We also hear how cyber is playing a role in the war in Ukraine and we speak to Bolor Erdene Battsengel about digital life...
Published 04/11/23