June 2017 CLIMAS SW Climate Podcast
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We have updated our iTunes podcast feed: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/climas-southwest-climate-podcast/id1215891654 Please change your subscription! In the June 2017 episode of the CLIMAS Southwest Climate Podcast, Mike Crimmins and Zack Guido discuss May weather in comparison to the record/near-record March conditions, what this means for snowpack, streamflow and reservoir conditions. They also discuss past/present/future wildfire, the imminence of summer heat, and the eventual relief monsoon conditions will bring.  Oh and a bit of El Niño sprinkled throughout - the role it might be playing in seasonal outlooks, and how strong it might be.
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We have updated our iTunes podcast feed to https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/climas-southwest-climate-podcast/id1215891654 - please update! In the May 2017 episode of the CLIMAS Southwest Climate Podcast - Zack Guido is back and sits down with Mike Crimmins to do a recap of the winter that was...
Published 05/04/17
We'll keep this feed updated for now, but be sure to subscribe on the new iTunes feed here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/climas-southwest-climate-podcast/id1215891654 In this mini-episode of the SW Climate podcast, Mike Crimmins and Ben McMahan take a quick spin around the "snow-eater"...
Published 04/28/17
In the March 2017 episode of the CLIMAS Southwest Climate Podcast, Mike Crimmins and Zack Guido discuss the winter season in the Southwest - with an eye towards how Arizona and New Mexico have fared (temperature, precipitation, snowpack, streamflow forecasts, etc.), as well as to the exceptional...
Published 03/08/17