Overview of Object Oriented, Wide Column, and Vector Databases
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We have a different combination of the hosts for this episode where we continue the series on the types of database systems available and why you might choose one over another. Michael continues impressing by recalling everything we’ve ever said on our 500+ hours of podcasts, Allen enjoys learning about a database system he’d never […]
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Picture, if you will, a nondescript office space, where time seems to stand still as programmers gather around a water cooler. Here, in the twilight of the workday, they exchange eerie tales of programming glitches, security breaches, and asynchronous calls. Welcome to the Programming Zone, where...
Published 04/14/24
In this episode, Allen, Joe and Michael finally make it back to record together! Allen revisits the basics, Michael kicks off boomer hour nicely, and JZ let’s us know that the dream of an 8-bit looking keyboard is not dead. News Topics Tips
Published 04/01/24
Published 04/01/24