CBSw Travel Diaries 1.02 | En dag på Marstrandsön
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The adventures of the family continue! In this episode we follow them as they take the ferry over to the island of Marstrandsön - an island full of sunshine, history, old fortresses, ghosts, and seagulls. This lesson builds on a lot of the grammar we are already familiar with and we encounter verbs in new tenses. We also see some new and useful constructions, and learn more about some of Sweden's most infamous criminals. Travel Diaries is being published in one season of ten episodes weekly from Thursday 27th April. If you’d like to access our support materials including lesson notes, a video version and bonus audio and notes then check out the full course here. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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Published 08/31/23
In this final lesson of the Swedish Travel Diaries, we hear about how the family wrapped up their holiday on the Swedish west coast. We learn new vocabulary and new phrases, and have a look at the difference prepositions can make to the same verb. Travel Diaries is being published in one season...
Published 08/31/23
In the penultimate lesson of our Travel Diaries we follow Mattias and family further south along the Swedish west coast to the city of Halmstad. As the family runs into a minor crisis situation we take the opportunity to delve into lots of new phrases and grammar. We explore the difference...
Published 08/17/23