Conversations on Compassion
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This brief grounding, centering practice can be used anytime to slow down, be present, and reset. Shared as an offering for our Meditation Mondays community, and all others who may find it beneficial!
Published 03/16/20
Musician EastForest shares the inspiration, process and magic of working with Ram Dass in the last year of his life to set his inimitable teaching style, full of humor, wisdom and grace, to music; a modern way to share Ram Dass' wisdom with a new generation. The result being the EastForest X...
Published 03/04/20
Trauma therapist and author of 'My Grandmother's Hands' talks honestly and directly about the historical and current traumatic impacts of racism in the U.S., and the necessity for us all to recognize this trauma, metabolize it, work through it, and grow up out of it. Only in this way will we at...
Published 08/26/19