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"Girls" is a love letter to Rachel Platten's children--perhaps to herself as well. And if you have daughters (or you ARE a daughter) you'll embrace it as your own. The singer/songwriter that brought you "Fight Song" always writes from her heart and we feel her music in ours. Join us for this sweet, intimate conversation where we speak of the dark times that inspire such powerful messages, and the light that's able to illuminate the chords and the lyrics. "Girls" has been out for a while, and her newest, "Mercy", has just been released. She's so amazing, you'll want to get to know her! ~ Delilah See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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The "Superman (It's Not Easy)" superstar, John Ondrasik, of Five for Fighting, is my guest today! John's here to invite folks to enter the "Music Matters Challenge", an exciting opportunity to support music in an under resourced school.  John is of the belief that music is NOT extracurricular....
Published 04/09/24
Sir Nicholas 'Nicky' Winton was a young London stockbroker who visited Prague in December of 1938 where he discovers a large population of refugees fleeing the Nazis - and he knew he must do something, at least for the children. Back in London, Nick spent months arranging for foster families,...
Published 03/26/24
Published 03/26/24