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What a delightful conversation Luke Smallbone and I had today! This charming half of the musical duo, for KING & COUNTRY is sharing some inside info on the movie, UNSUNG HERO, out now, about his musical family and their decision to move from Australia to the US on little more than a wing and a prayer. Life was challenging for the Smallbone's and their 7 children, but a mother's love and strong faith carried them through the storms, helping them to find the joy, and the immense talent, within. Luke co-produces and brother, Joel, who makes up the other half of for KING + COUNTRY, portrays their father in the film. All family members have cameos including another famous sister, Rebecca St. James! Get comfy and join us for a lovely chat. (And if you haven't already, go see UNSUNG HERO!) See for privacy information.
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Daryl Hall and I have something in common... We "Can't Say No To You"! That's the title of his new single, written and recorded with his good friend, Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics. The single, out now, precedes his new album, "D" releasing June 21. I've been playing Daryl's music for almost as...
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