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Former first lady Rosalynn Carter leaves behind a rich and expansive legacy, including fierce and enduring advocacy for better mental health care in the US.But her commitment to the issue extended well beyond her role as First Lady.NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks to Anne Mahoney Robbins, a friend...
Published 11/29/23
In different places throughout the country, police are pushing back against the policies of progressive prosecutors.NPR's Sacha Pfeiffer tells the story of one such struggle in St. Louis where a detective wouldn't testify in a case. That refusal may have helped a man charged with murder walk...
Published 11/28/23
Dozens of hostages have been released by Hamas over the last four days. Now after 50 days in captivity, and joyous reunions, the long journey of healing and rebuilding begins. NPR's Ailsa Chang talks to Hostage US executive director Liz Cathcart about that process.Email us at [email protected]
Published 11/27/23