What to do when you feel like God doesn't Care
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We have all gone through painful times of adversity and trouble, and wondered if God really cared about us. Feeling this way is part of being human; however, God actually loves us very much and cares deeply about our suffering. When we entertain these thoughts, there are some practical ways to deal with them. First, we must realize that God never promised us carefree lives with no trials or difficulties; what He has promised us is His presence and His peace in the midst of the situation. We also need to remember that God uses trouble and adversity to mature us, and that He will always make things right in the end. When the enemy attacks our minds with lies that God does not care, remembering the times He has already delivered us brings us back to the truth. Understanding that God will never abandon us in bad times allows us to see His plan at work so that we can be effective Christians. To support the ministry financially, text "CDMPodcast" to 74483 or visit www.worldchangers.org.
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