2021, 2022 and beyond - Part 2
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With 2021 now behind us, it’s time to revisit the highs and lows of the past 12 months, and look ahead to what we can expect in the months ahead. To mark the year’s end, we recorded a special two-part episode of Cyber Security Sauna. F-Secure’s Chief Research Officer Mikko Hypponen, Security Consultant Adriana Verhagen, and AI researcher Andy Patel join episode 64 to share their key takeaways from 2021, and thoughts on important issues we’ll face in 2022 and beyond. In this episode: regulating social media networks, cloudification, AI-powered attacks, security in an age of unlimited computing power, NFTs, and more.   Links: Episode 64 transcript
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Spymaster-turned-journalist Philip Ingram joined us in our cyber sauna recording booth at SPHERE22, the world's first co-security unconference, for a quick chat about nation-state threats. 
Published 06/13/22
There’s many different ways to collaborate on infosec problems. There’s no shortage of associations, conferences, and other frameworks that organizations can use to find others to work with. And there’s a healthy supply of security companies to choose from. But do any of these offer concrete...
Published 04/05/22
Published 04/05/22