074| Do you even patch bro?
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Vulnerabilities and security gaps are increasingly being identified in software and applications daily. Attackers are often quick to act when any vulnerabilities are made known - even within minutes. You may have heard of the term patching in cyber security, but what is it exactly, and how does it figure into an organization's security posture? WithSecure security consultants Katie Inns and Antti Laatikainen join us to discuss all things patching.
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Advanced persistent threats, or APTs, are generally seen as a sort of apex predator in the cyber threat landscape. And while they’re certainly noteworthy, their reputation can distort what makes them unique, and what they may have in common with other adversaries. In this episode, we’re joined by...
Published 05/08/23
Published 05/08/23
Security protects organizations from cyber attacks. However, studies show that limiting your understanding of security to this basic premise can hinder protection efforts or even other business goals. Instead of spending more and more on security to simply keep things running, maybe it’s time for...
Published 04/04/23