Brené with Kam Franklin on Joy, Conflict, and Leading Creative Teams
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I’m talking with Kam Franklin, singer-songwriter, music producer, activist, writer, and lead singer of the Gulf Coast soul band The Suffers. You know their kick-ass song “Take Me to the Good Times” from the Dare to Lead podcast. Kam and I talk about what it means to lead a creative team and what it means to set audacious goals, to fall and fail, and the power of getting back up. Kam explains the daily conflict that bubbles up in the creative process and how normalizing that conflict helps us get to the creative magic. The joy, the expansiveness, and the soul of The Suffers are inextricably connected to the inclusivity, representation, and diversity of the band. Kam seems to never forget that joy as she leads, and it comes through in this conversation. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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