I’m in a Secret Bliss Bubble
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It's been quite some time since I've felt this deep sense of passion, especially when it comes to the intricate behind-the-scenes work involved in crafting a new program, orchestrating a launch, and navigating the world of marketing. You see, there are different seasons in a woman's life, and it's essential for you to understand that if you find yourself feeling stuck or uncertain about your path, holding onto that belief is paramount. Trust me, inspiration and divine guidance will find their way to you. Enjoy!
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Published 12/19/23
Have you ever found yourself playing a role in a script that doesn't align with your true self? Have you been in relationships where something didn't feel right, yet you silently accommodated it? Requests would pour in, and certain types of communication would leave you feeling uneasy, but you...
Published 11/29/23