Can't Fight The Moonlight - Coyote Ugly
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THAT'S COYOTE UGLY!  You want to go out for a drink? How about a little boogie? Then I know just the place: Coyote Ugly. The music comes in the form of yet another Diane Warren classic, the LeAnn Rimes banger "Can't Fight The Moonlight". Ben can't stop thinking about Marriage Story's origin, Dietrich spends every weekend bugging DJs and Alex has got the legs for it. Follow us on Twitter: @TSFTMpod Like, shake and subscribe Please consider leaving us a 5 star review wherever you listen to your podcasts (Apple Podcasts/iTunes, Spotify etc). It means a great deal to us and makes it easier for other potential listeners to find us. Want to support us further? You can do this on Patreon from £1 ($1.50) a month: or via our merch store: Thank you! Timestamps: 01:42 - What Have We Been Watching 08:13 - History 12:57 - Movie Discussion 21:44 - Reception 26:18 - "Can't Fight The Moonlight" Discussion 42:34 - Top 5 46:32 - Movie or Song?
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