Do Not Open This Book Or Else
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Wizz is back again and he does not want you to read this book, OR ELSE! He’s as cheeky as ever and he’ll do whatever he can to stop you! Find out what awaits Wizz at the end of the book!  See for privacy information.
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Wizz is back, and this time he’s joined by his delightful friend, Nessie!  To be a good friend, Wizz will need to face his fears and accompany Nessie on stage for a dance performance….but only if you turn the pages!  See for privacy information.
Published 09/13/23
This guy will do anything for you not to open this book! Threats, bribes, reverse psychology – you name it! A hilarious new book from radio extraordinaire and all-round funny guy, Andy Lee. Young readers will love doing everything they’re asked not to! See for privacy...
Published 11/30/22