Jabberwock This Way
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OH NO! Alice accidentally summoned the Jabberwock whose causing chaos across Wonderland. She’s frantic to banish the bullying beast when the Cheshire Cat pops in to lend a tail. Can this feline mischief-maker help Alice and her friends find the way? Purrrhaps. Or, maybe what’s called for is a little curiosity and self-discovery to show Alice she already glows with the power to send the monster home. PARENTS, TEACHERS AND HOMESCHOOLERS: This story was inspired by Lewis Carroll’s ‘Jabberwocky’ poem. The main character, Alice, is experiencing overwhelming feelings of doubt, fear, and shame. Her friends reassure her that, even though she’s made a mistake, she’s clever, capable and knows when to ask for help when she needs it most. Episode webpage: https://jonincharacter.com/jabberwock-this-way/ Tumble down the rabbit hole with Jonathan Cormur and Sabrina Glow in Alice in Slumberland. It’s a tale inspired by Alice in Wonderland’s “The Queen’s Croquet Ground” that will send you OFF TO YOUR BEDS: https://jonincharacter.com/alice-in-slumberland/ Dorktales Storytime Podcast website: https://jonincharacter.com/dorktales-storytime-podcast/ CREDITS: This episode has been a Jonincharacter production. Today’s story was written by Amy Thompson and edited by Molly Murphy. Special thanks to Sabrina Glow from The Glow Girls Voiceover for voicing the character, Alice. All other characters are performed by Jonathan Cormur. Sound recording and production by Jermaine Hamilton at Hamilton Studio Recordings. Otter Space is an immersive sonic adventure for families about two mismatched sea otters who learn they must save the earth from and alien civilization who has outlawed all forms of playing. Out now: https://pod.link/otterspace Support the showREACH OUT! Tweet us @dorktalesstory Email us at [email protected] DM us on IG @dorktalesstorytime Newsletter/Free Resources: https://bit.ly/dorktalesplus-signup Become a Supporter: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1267991/supporters/new Original Music Available on Bandcamp: https://dorktalesstorytime.bandcamp.com/music Now, go be the hero of your own story and we’ll see you next once-upon-a-time!
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