Synthetic Cannabinoids and Bleeding: What is Up With That?
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Welcome to episode 21 of the Toxcast. Synthetic cannabinoids and bleeding. Let's talk about it. Please check out MEL Science and their awesome science boxes. If you follow this link, you can get 60% off of the first monthly subscription box for MEL Science. I've checked them out myself and they are pretty awesome. Who doesn't like science experiments? I love them! I bet you will too! MEL Science: Promo code is Toxcast. This link and promo code will be active for one month (until 02/27/2022). Intro and outro music is provided by T Morri. It is titled Psychedelic Mushrooms.
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Welcome to episode 23 of Dose Makes the Poison: The Toxcast! Today, let's talk about when eating spinach goes wrong, aka hallucinogenic spinach! That's definitely not Popeye's spinach! Intro and outro music is Psychedelic Mushrooms by T Morri. Please visit
Published 01/04/23
Welcome to episode 22 of The Toxcast. Let's talk a bit about DMT (dimethyltryptamine) and ayahuasca and chat with Tristan Brown about his experiences consuming ayahuasca in Peru.  Intro and outro music is T Morri's Psychedelic Mushrooms.
Published 06/10/22