Top 12 Foods for Strong & Healthy Bones
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What supports you day in and day out? Your bones. In today’s episode, we delve into the crucial nutrients that support bone strength and longevity. Discover how to turn your diet into your strongest ally for a robust skeletal system.   We uncover the essentials of bone health, emphasizing not just calcium but also key amino acids like glycine and proline. Despite widespread vitamin D deficiency, there are effective solutions at hand. Whether your diet is animal-based or plant-based, I'll highlight the top foods that fortify bones.   Good bone health requires more than just good nutrition; it demands physical activity and effective stress management. Join us as we equip you with the knowledge to strengthen your bones, ensuring a foundation of vitality as you age.   In This Episode:    00:00: Collagen’s Role in Bone Health   01:00: Vitamin D Deficiency and Solutions   06:00: Best Foods for Bone Health   08:00: The Role of Physical Activity   09:00: Impact of Stress on Bones       Are swollen legs or ankles slowing you down? Discover the power of Lymph System Support by Pure Health Research. Crafted with natural ingredients like dandelion extract, burdock root, and bromelain, this formula unclogs your lymphatic system, reducing swelling and supporting a healthy inflammatory response.   As a special offer, try Lymph System Support risk-free today and receive a complimentary bottle of curcumin extract. Visit to claim yours now. Say hello to renewed vitality and goodbye to discomfort!     Feeling down, irritable, or just not yourself lately? It could be a sign of vitamin D deficiency, and trust me, you're not alone. Even in sunny places like Miami, people are shockingly low on this essential nutrient.   But here's the good news: there's a solution that actually works. Purality Health's Vitamin D3 formula is a game-changer. Unlike most supplements that get destroyed in your stomach, Purality's unique formula ensures maximum absorption, delivering the vitamin directly to your bloodstream where you need it most.   Believe me, I've seen the difference it makes. From mood regulation to immune support and bone health, optimizing your vitamin D levels is crucial for your overall well-being.   And right now, my listeners can get an exclusive 30% off by visiting and using promo code DRJ at checkout. Don't wait any longer to start feeling like your best self again. Take control of your health today with Purality Health's Vitamin D3.     “Whenever I think about bone health or bone loss, I think number one, Is this related to inflammation, which oftentimes is at the root." - Dr. Jockers   Subscribe to the podcast on: Apple Podcast Stitcher Spotify PodBean  TuneIn Radio   Resources: and using promo code DRJ at checkout       Connect with Dr. Jockers: Instagram – Facebook – YouTube – Website – If you are interested in being a guest on the show, we would love to hear from you! Please contact us here! - 
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