Dr. Wayne W. Dyer - Achievement vs. Failure
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Is a divorce a failure? A man whose wife asked for a divorce needs some direction. Then, a woman judges herself based on what she believes she needs to do to be a "success." Dr. Dyer tackles these ideas of success and failure relative to the Tao.
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Dr. Wayne Dyer shares his experience speaking at an I Can Do It event in Pasadena, CA where he spoke about seeing obstacles as Divine Gifts. Dr. Dyer shares what he is learning from reading Vasistha's Yoga, an ancient Hindu spiritual text. Dr. Dyer also talks with a listener from Madrid, Spain...
Published 07/05/20
Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx joins the show to share how Dr. Dyer's teachings have helped inspire her to reach phenomenal heights of success. To find out more about Dr. Wayne Dyer, please visit www.drwaynedyer.com.
Published 06/28/20
Join Dr. Wayne Dyer as he talks about how to rise above the negative energy that can sometimes be around family gatherings during the holidays. Wish peace for your relatives and for yourself.
Published 06/14/20