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Julia wants something serious — a committed relationship, a long-term partner — but she doesn’t know how to say this without freaking guys out. And she doesn’t want to waste her time dating guys who will never want to commit. Jane brings in Jason Mantzoukas (The League, Comedy Bang Bang, How Did This Get Made?) for some hard truths on dating and relationships.Spark something new with DTR—the official Tinder podcast, produced in partnership with Gimlet Creative.
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Scott is an accomplished guy — he’s a Harvard grad and reality tv star. He’s also 34 years old and has never had a boyfriend. Jane and TV writer Gabe Liedman (Broad City, Transparent)  decide to make Scott a playbook for dating, to see if they can help him accomplish this goal. Spark something...
Published 12/21/17
Andrew Ti is back, but this time, instead of taking over someone’s Tinder, he’s the one in the hot seat! Jane and Andrew’s friend Kara Brown (Jezebel, Grown-ish) also joins for the intervention. Then, Marques is recently single in New York, and he’s joined by his friends Brittany Luse and Eric...
Published 12/07/17