Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Says Israel Has Done All It Can To Save Lives in Gaza
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In this clip, host Rashad Bilal sits down with esteemed guest Robert F. Kennedy Jr., attorney, author, and activist, to discuss his aspirations of becoming the next presidential candidate for 2024. With the current political season in full swing, it is important to shed light on candidates that may not always make the headlines but have valuable perspectives and ideas. The conversation starts with the pressing issue of Israel Palestine, and Rashad asks for Robert's thoughts on the current situation and what he would do if he were the president today. Robert emphasizes the need to end the violence and protect innocent children, highlighting that half of the population in Gaza is under 18. He acknowledges the efforts made by Israel to warn people before bombing areas, but also raises concerns about the lack of bomb shelters for civilians in Gaza and the potential for the conflict to escalate into a regional war. Rashad raises an important point about the responsibility of Israel to handle the civilian population in a more sensitive manner. He questions the effectiveness of warning emails when people have no safe place to go, and cites instances where civilian casualties have occurred. Robert counters by stating that the casualty reports from Hamas should be questioned, as they tend to exaggerate the numbers. He also mentions that Hamas rockets sometimes misfire and land in Gaza, causing casualties that may be attributed to Israel. He adds that Israel takes extensive precautions to avoid civilian casualties, even when targeting terrorists. The conversation delves into the history and context of the conflict, with Robert highlighting the long-standing hostility between Hamas and Israel. He mentions how Hamas has targeted civilians in Israel with rockets and has carried out gruesome acts of violence. He condemns these actions and acknowledges that some Israeli settlers' behaviors towards Palestinians are criminal and should be condemned as well. Robert also sheds light on the financial situation in Gaza, criticizing how the leaders of Hamas live in luxury while their people suffer in poverty. He claims that international aid money meant for the welfare of the people is instead used to fund weapons and violence against Israel. He points out that Hamas's charter calls for the genocide of Jews and states that every Jew must be killed. The conversation concludes with Rashad questioning the appropriateness of allowing a neighbor to bombard another country with rockets without taking action. Robert responds by stating that no country would tolerate such aggression and would take measures to protect its civilians. This thought-provoking discussion provides insights into the complexities of the Israel Palestine conflict and the perspectives of different stakeholders. It emphasizes the importance of considering multiple voices and viewpoints when discussing global issues. #EYL #YouTubeChannel #RobertFKennedyJr #IsraelPalestine #PresidentialCandidate2024 #PoliticalSeason #Peace #Violence #Civilians #Gaza #Hamas #Israel #Conflict #MilitaryActions #Casualties #Responsibility #InternationalAid  #Leadership #Geopolitics #ComplexIssues #PublicDiscourse Our Sponsors: * Check out Hinge: * Check out Kajabi and use my code EARN for a great deal: Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
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