The Kind-Hearted Pea (Beginner)
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Mit dem Code easystories erhältst du das 12-Monatsabo von Babbel zumPreis von nur 6 Monaten. Das Angebot gilt bis zum 31. Oktober 2024. Einfach auf einlösen und loslegen. The wind carries a pea to a crack by a window. Inside the house, a boy is sick and dying. The pea wants to help the boy, and slowly it grows into a plant. When the boy sees the plant he is so happy, and he helps the plant grow. Go to for the full transcript. Get episodes without adverts + bonus episodes at Your support is appreciated! Level: Beginner. Genre: Children's. Vocabulary: Kind-hearted, Pea, Pod, Harvest, Blow, Crack, Afford, Shoo, Water (verb), Shaped like Setting: Modern. Word Count: 1081. Author: Saviour Pirotta. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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