Hey Baby, What's Your Type?
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Today, we're looking at some of the countless style typing systems on the internet, each one promising an easy way for us to get dressed and love the results. But do they actually help, or do they leave us feeling more confused than we were before? I've got some issues with these highly specific, incredibly detailed typing systems, but if they've worked for you, I'm thrilled! In this episode, I talk about my personal experiences with one of the more high-profile systems, The Kibbe Body Type System. This is an array of thirteen style types based largely on a person's balance of yin and yang. After spending hours exploring this system, I was hopelessly lost and confused! We also touch on some of the other systems that often use random questions that don't seem to connect, leaving you more puzzled than anything else. Like, what do my curly hair and cuticle shape have to do with the colors I should buy? In order to actually make style easier, I've developed my own method for identifying your body shape. I call it the L.O.O.K method. It's revolutionary. In This Episode: The challenges and limitations of some of the more common style types What these systems lack--and what it means for you Why I talk about the 4 Body Shapes My revolutionary "L.O.O.K. Method", a simple and effective approach to understanding your body shape Why learning how to dress yourself and understanding your own body is more valuable than relying on a specific typing system. Full show notes and resources: https://youreverydaystyle.com/whats-your-type 
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