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We've all been there--that moment you're tired of feeling blah or frumpy, and you're ready to have better style. If you're like most women, you do one of a few things: a) go shopping, b) clean out your closet, or c) hire someone to help you. And those are all good things. But style doesn't actually start there. At least lasting style doesn't. Better style starts in your mind. One thing I've said over and over is that what's in your head is more important than what's in your closet. How you think about style, what it means, and how much it matters goes a long way in making style easier and your intentions stick. Until your mind is ready for better style, your daily practices will probably feel like a bore...and a chore. Once your mindset shifts to believe that you and your efforts are worth it, style becomes easier, and dare I say it? Maybe even a little fun. In this episode, I'm sharing a few things super stylish women believe, not just do. So, before you hit the stores or empty your entire closet, make sure you spend a little time getting your mind in the right place.  If you want better style, but haven't been able to actually get started---or you struggle to consistently love the way you look, this one's for you! In this episode: Four things super stylish women believe Why relying on confidence won't help you get started How to quiet the voice in your head that says, "What will they think?" The myths that hold us back from having better style--and how to move past them Full show notes and resources:
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