Ep. 283 - How To Be Magnetic - Best of 2023
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Buckle up for one of our heaviest-hitting episodes of the year – How To Be Magnetic. Now is the perfect time to relisten to this episode, chock-full of insights on how to step into your shinest most magnetic self. Even if you listened to this one back when we originally aired it, give it another listen. Because you’re probably at a completely different place now and will absorb totally new insights and lessons that serve your most current version of self. We dive into all things Magnetism – cause after all, what does it really mean to be magnetic? It’s our namesake, so we’re gonna define it for you right here, right now. And more importantly, we’re gonna teach you how to become it. In this episode Lacy, Jess, and Janelle go over the 6 pillars that every magnetic person embodies, your first step to getting there, and the connection between magnetism and manifestation. We talk about detaching from outcomes, honoring the inherent magnetism of children, and reclaiming your self-worth by sourcing it internally (rather than externally). Being magnetic is one of the most exciting parts of the TBM process – once you feel what it’s like to step into your unique magnetic self, you’re immediately on the journey towards embodying it more and more every day. If you’re ready to start this journey, press play. Find the Complete Show Notes Here -> https://tobemagnetic.com/expanded-podcast
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