Ep. 295 - How to Surrender & *Actually Enjoy* Your Journey w Dani Beinstein
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She’s BACK! A tried and true TBM favorite – Dani Beinstein is back on the pod today! Yes, Dani is the Psychological Astrologist we all know and love. But this episode is so much more than planets and stars. It’s a roadmap for personal evolution. A beacon of hope for all the manifestations you’ve already set in motion. In today’s episode, Dani helps us understand the ebb and flow of the universal energetics right now and how they’re influencing what's showing up in our lives. She shares her profound understanding of how these planetary movements are not just cosmic occurrences, but deeply personal calls to grow, heal, and expand beyond our current boundaries. Not every major shift in the cosmos is cataclysmic–sometimes these movements could mean it’s a time of innovation, self-worth, resilience, and growth. Dani helps us unpack these major shifts by seeing how they apply to your life, and how you can embrace the challenges and opportunities presented by the stars. Sometimes we all just need a reminder that the universe has our back. This episode is that reminder. Strap in! Find the Complete Show Notes Here -> https://tobemagnetic.com/expanded-podcast
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