Ep.  297 - How To Make High Self-Worth Decisions: The Process with Adrienne
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In this riveting Process episode, Jessica connects with TBMer Adrienne, a dynamic storyteller whose narrative weaves together the cosmic and the creative. As a TV writer, Adrienne shares the pivotal moments of doubt and determination that marked her professional journey, illustrating the transformative power of self-worth and authenticity. This episode dives deep into Adrienne's profound manifestations, from her explorations in spirituality and partnership to her courageous steps toward embracing her whole self. Adrienne’s story is a testament to how the intertwining of self-worth and self-doubt can play against each other, and how finally doing the work can unveil life's unexpected, rewarding ventures. This one is for anyone who has dared to cut their own path, for anyone who has struggled to take up the space they deserve, and for anyone who needs expansion in embracing their own magic to manifest their love story, their dream career, and their whole, worthy authentic self. Find the Complete Show Notes Here -> https://tobemagnetic.com/expanded-podcast
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