Pastor and Tech Guru Provide a Path to Sustaining a Soulful Life with Rusty Rueff and Terry Brisbane (S:3 - Ep 61)
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Today on Exploring the Marketplace, Shawn Bolz and Bob Hasson bring to the conversation, Rusty Rueff and Terry Brisbane. Terry is the lead pastor of Cornerstone and he is a co-founder and co-host of The Faith Driven Entrepreneur podcast, as well as an author. Rusty is a well known technology executive, startup advisor and thought leader. He has served on numerous corporate boards of directors and has been the leader of both the GRAMMY Foundation Board and The American Conservatory Theater Board. Tune in as Shawn, Bob, Rusty and Terry discuss how this Pastor and Tech guru teamed up and wrote a book called The Faith Code which offers a unique antidote to the most urgent spiritual and cultural ailments of our time. Terry and Rusty share how to combine moral and ethical counsel with the pioneering tactics of entrepreneurship and community building and what it takes to live a full life while simultaneously becoming people who contribute to the world around us. Tune in!
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