56: Amelia’s Something Larger is a Turkey
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It’s a special holiday episode where we ask you not to attend holiday gatherings. It’s about turkey, but it’s not really about turkey. Bonus: Amelia’s secret stuffing recipe. ***** SPONSOR: This episode is brought to you by If the Boot Fits, A Smart & Sexy Cinderella Story by Rebekah Weatherspoon LINKS: Fomite NY Times: For Home Cooks, Burnout Is a Reality This Holiday Season Episode 05: What's Your Something Larger? Hygge Vestibular Migraine Episode 03: Human Giver Syndrome Bell’s Poultry Seasoning
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Is Emily Amelia's Loki Variant or is Amelia *Emily's* Loki Variant?? Sometimes your body lies to you, so it’s very on theme that it turns out we lied about this series ending last week. Mild spoilers for Loki, if you are planning to watch it. ********** LINKS: Loki Neuroplastic...
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The epic conclusion! It’s about using your imagination to listen to your body. Emily and Amelia bring it all home. ********** LINKS: Episode 58: How to Listen to Your Body, Part One (guest starring Allegra) Emily and Amelia on Brené Brown’s “Unlocking Us” Rumi’s “A Story is Like...
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Emily and Amelia start by talking about your body’s sense of proprioception, but wind up taking a journey into imagination. ************ LINKS: Proprioception YOKE: MY YOGA OF SELF ACCEPTANCE (book) Underbelly Yoga Singing Redefined by Walter C. Foster FSP episode 36: Embrace...
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