Generating $5M In Hourly Planning Fees In The Blue Ocean Of Consumer Demand with Mark Berg
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Mark Berg is the Founder of Timothy Financial Counsel, an RIA based out of Illinois that's on track to generate $5 million in annual revenue this year serving 800 households. Mark's firm stands out for its rapid growth, scaling from $1.8 million to $5 million in revenue within just six years while maintaining a 25% profit margin, achieved entirely through an hourly fee model. Listen in as Mark shares how he structured his firm to succeed with an hourly fee model, his strategic implementation of time-tracking software for efficient billing and capacity management, and how he uses a client waitlist to handle increasing demand. We also discuss Mark’s innovative approach to scaling the firm by hiring a president without a financial planning background, as well as why he sees the hourly fee model as a vast opportunity for reaching a broader client base. For show notes and more visit:
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