Helping Prospects Find Their Way To You Online With (Local) SEO with Brent Carnduff
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Brent Carnduff is the Founder of Advisor Rankings, a marketing firm based out of Idaho that specializes in search engine optimization for financial advisors. Brent's firm uniquely assists advisors by enhancing their organic SEO through targeted content creation, designed to attract prospects with specific planning needs, and also boosts advisors' local SEO, ensuring top placement in Google rankings when consumers search for nearby financial advisors. Listen in as Brent shares how he guides advisors to enhance their local SEO by starting with a fully optimized Google Business Profile and encouraging systematic client reviews to improve search rankings and increase website traffic. We also discuss strategies for boosting organic SEO, the importance of serving a specific niche for better Google rankings, the different timelines for seeing results with local versus organic SEO, and how hiring a coach has transformed Brent's business practices, enabling him to focus on delivering top-tier SEO advice. For show notes and more visit:
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