Brooklyn Heights and Depths
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Thomas Campanella, the author of ‘Brooklyn: The Once and Future City’, talks to Bradley about how teenage disdain for his native borough turned into undying love — and why Covid may well tip the balance of power in New York City toward Kings County.
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Completing the troika of family-themed episodes, Gabe Tusk (Bradley's dad) joins Firewall to mark Father's Day. 'What gets better as you get older?' asks Bradley. Reflecting on his 79 years on this earth, Gabe remarks that right now happens to be the most content he's ever been, with just the...
Published 06/13/24
The caveat here is that, just as William Goldman famously said about Hollywood, nobody knows anything. But Bradley reflects on 18 years of giving it his best shot. Plus, a lightning round on Albany’s clampdown on social media, the City Council’s bid to end brokers’ fees on rentals, and congestion...
Published 06/11/24
Published 06/11/24