#42 - Greg Grosicki PhD - Aging Athletically
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Greg Grosicki, Ph.D., CEP,  is an Associate Professor in the Department of Health Sciences and Kinesiology and Director of the Exercise Physiology Laboratory in Georgia Southern University. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram: @DrGregGrosicki Greg is extremely interested in how we can alter lifestyle to  positively influence physical capacity as we age. He is also a high level endurance athlete, having completed Ironman Hawaii in 9 hours and 22 mins. I first came across his work reading a research paper he was the lead author on that investigated the effects of aging on slow and fast twitch muscle fiber mass, strength, and power.  In this interview we dig into what he found, and how you can implement this information to age more athletically.  If you are interested in a high level of physical function into later years for both golf and life, this is one you will enjoy.  Just a reminder before we get started that Fit For Golf has it’s own app with programs to suit all levels of golf and fitness. There are options for at home and at the gym, and if you’re skeptical about getting started there are workouts of just 5 minutes in duration!  You can try the app for 1 month for just $1 with the code TRYFFG Go to fitforgolf.app to sign up
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