FLASHPOINT UKRAINE: Russian Forces Capture Key Ukrainian City as Two-Year Mark of Invasion Approaches - February 19, 2024
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Russia says it has crushed the last pocket of resistance in a key Ukrainian city, as Kyiv’s outmanned forces retreat. Anna Chernikova in Kyiv says the fierce battle cost many lives. Following the sudden death staunch Putin critic Alexey Navalny, his wife Yulia vows to carry his fight forward. Clark University Professor and Russia scholar talks about Navalny's legacy and what it will mean for the movement. European leaders are preparing for a future potentially without U.S. support. A conversation with Save Ukraine founder Mykola Kuleba on how the rescue group is working to find and support Ukrainian children deported to Russia. Russia says it has crushed the last pocket of resistance in Avdiivka to complete the eastern Ukraine’s city's capture. The victory was a morale boost for Russia, days ahead of the two-year anniversary of its full-scale invasion.
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