Ep8: An Equitable Food System
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We’re digging into the decades of intentional policies that have created today’s inequitable food system. Plus, why language matters when talking about the challenges we face, and how agency is key to creating new food systems that work for BIPOC. Visit https://page.ideo.com/food-podcast-8 for full show notes.
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This bonus episode is a live conversation from December 2020 between Magnus Nilsson, Malena Martinez, and Sandeep Pahuja.
Published 01/12/21
Published 01/12/21
From the industry’s painful beginnings when enslaved people worked for no wages—just tips—to the inappropriate behavior and abuses of power, come with us as we explore the history and legacy of the restaurant industry. We then visit one restaurant designing an entirely new, equitable model from...
Published 10/27/20