Why Twitter Rejected His AI Tool | Alex Elias
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When Alex Elias started Qloo, “artificial intelligence” was a dirty word. A decade later, Qloo is a pioneer in AI. Qloo is an AI decision-making platform that helps corporate clients predict audience tastes and preferences. Elias says that we’re still in “the Napster era of AI” and that the hype will eventually become a subtle integration into our lives. In this episode, Elias shares about being an early adopter of AI and how he’s endured the hype to build a trusted business that Twitter once rejected. In this interview, you’ll learn: Why AI brings more problems for entrepreneurs to solve The advantages and disadvantages of being an early adopter When Qloo landed and lost Twitter as a client How not to lose your identity in your business How to develop long-term stamina as a founder Why Elias biked commuted in NYC for years How to use AI for your business beyond generative tools Why AI will become more subtle in the future And much more AI and founder mindset advice… Click here to start your business for $1. You’ll get all-access foundr+, where you’ll find more in-depth, proven strategies from founders like our guest today and support and advice from our global community of 30,000 founders. If you loved this conversation and learned something new, rate and review this episode. Stay in touch with us, follow foundr on your favorite platform: Foundr.com Instagram YouTube Facebook X LinkedIn Magazine
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