370: Tony Hewitt - Judging Bias in Photography Competitions
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In this episode of "F-Stop Collaborate and Listen," host Matt Payne sits down with the celebrated photographer and 2023 International Landscape Photographer of the Year, Tony Hewitt. They delve into a deep discussion about Tony's diverse experience, touching on the nuances of fine art and landscape photography, the intention behind each shot, and the emotional experience involved in photography competitions. Tony asserts the importance of narrative and the photographer's voice in creating impactful imagery, sharing insights from his multifaceted career, his approach to photography as a storytelling medium, and his advice on developing a personal style. They also address the sensitive topics of judging integrity and favoritism in competitions, the role of standard setting in photographic art, and the significance of critiques and self-evaluation in a photographer's growth. The episode is not only overflowing with actionable advice for photographers of all levels but also offers a window into Tony's philosophy and his mastermind groups, aimed at guiding individuals on their unique creative journeys. Resources Discussed: Support the podcast on Patreon Learn more about the Natural Landscape Photography Awards Tony's Master Mind Group Stay in touch with the Podcast on Instagram Watch the podcast on YouTube Photographers Mentioned: Chris Dark Tanya Niwa Doug Porter Jordan Cantelo
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