S1E6 "A Golden Crown": ToB Breakdown Rewatch
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After a long, and unexpected, hiatus Julian and Daniel are back to break down the second half of Game of Thrones season one. Our most sincere apologies for dropping off the face of the known world. In this episode the guys discuss Ned's reinstatement as Hand, Robert's boar hunt, Tyrion's trial by "combat", and Drogo's gift for Viserys. Plus, Lookout for a special message to begin the show laying out the plan for the rest of the season. Cheers!
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With GoT officially wrapped the full ToB crew sat down to catch up on all the stories we’ve been neglecting over the past couple months. Multiple casting confirmations, including a new Batman for both the small and big screens, Idris Elba joining Suicide Squad, and, somehow, James Gunn’s return...
Published 06/10/19
For the past nine years we've shared a piece of our collective Sundays and we weren't quite ready for that to end. A week removed from the finale the ToB crew got together to record another Live show and discuss the season with the benefit of a couple nights' sleep. After a quick overview of the...
Published 05/29/19