Rerelease: Price is Right, Pt 2
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Join us for what could turn out to be the most exciting podcast episode ever. In this episode we see if the flat tire, fake enthusiasm and Nick’s goth phase were enough. We finally find out if that “Nicholas” from last week ends with a “Come on Down!” Then we chronicle all of the incredible ups and downs of this taping of the Price is Right. Will Nick Vatterott lose his job? Will Nick Turner regret not dancing for the producers? Will we win a car?? Anything can happen this week on The Price…is Right…Part 2! Leave us a 5 star review and tell us an idea for a future episode! Join our Patreon! We deserve it! Please rate, review and subscribe to the show. We’re nothing without you! Get Rich Nick Patreon: See for privacy information.
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Published 05/19/23
Ladies and Gentlemen! Come on down! You're about to be the next listeners to our special two part episode of the Price is Right! Nick Vatterott's long time buddies Jim and Frank Marsilio stop by to tell their story of trying to get on the iconic game show and share their successes and lament...
Published 05/11/23
Nick Vatterott is back to grill Turner's Housesitter (former guest, filmmaker Travis Irvine). Bet on the Oscars! Use our code for Bovada or MyBookie Find all of our Sponsor Discounts @ JOIN THE PATREON!  $5 gets you a bonus show every week and $10 gets you ad-free...
Published 04/13/22