Discovering What Kind Of Expert You Are, Getting Comfortable With Being A Beginner & The Power Of The Post-It With Business Mentor Jess Glazer
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Today, Lori sits down with business mentor and entrepreneur Jess Glazer to define what type of expert you are, regardless of where you are in your journey. Jess shares the differences between results, research, and role model experts, and the value that each type of expert has.  Lori and Jess also discuss finding a balance on social media, how hobbies help your business, and the power of Post-It notes. Tune in to discover what kind of expert you are and learn how you can use that to your advantage.    IN THIS EPISODE, WE TALK ABOUT: Jess’ breakthrough moments from her year-long RV journey across America  The difference between results, research, and role model experts  How to stay authentic on social media without oversharing Getting comfortable with being a beginner Jess’ “Post-It to Profit” method  Changing the narrative of imposter syndrome    RESOURCES Text GIRLFRIENDS to 310-496-8363 for updates and a chance to be featured on the show! Join Jess’s Engaged Audience Masterclass.  FREE training on Jess's Post-It to Profit method CONNECT WITH JESS  Instagram: @iamjessicaderose Instagram: @jess.glazer CONNECT WITH BRIT Instagram: @britdrisc Squeeze: @squeeze  CONNECT WITH LORI Instagram: @loriharder Lite Pink: @drinklitepink Earn Your Happy: @earnyourhappy Listen to Earn Your Happy:  CONNECT WITH ALLI Instagram: @alliwebb Becket & Quill: @becketandquill Squeeze: @squeeze    GUEST BIO A former celebrity personal trainer and elementary school teacher, Jess turned her once “cute side hustle” into a multi-million dollar business in 2 years.    Since leaving her teaching job in 2017 she has hired a team of incredible heart-centered leaders, served hundreds of clients, helped create over 10 million dollars in revenue for those clients and is committed to helping 100 entrepreneurs create 7-figure impact driven businesses (7 down, 93 to go!)   As a result of donation/awareness she and her husband built a school in Ghana, Africa with Pencils of Promise.       She’s been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, The Today Show, Good Day New York, The New York Post, Shape Magazine.   Her mission is to cause a ripple effect and inspire change for generations to come; making a massive impact and leaving a lasting legacy beyond her singular actions.
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